Telangana Land Records – MaBhumi ROR Reports, Land Plot Map Online


Record check & download facility is available Online 1 b Pahani. On the dharani & Bhoomi Telangana official website  Record of all the district is available.


But many people should not able to take advantage of it due to a lack of knowledge about it. Due to this, we keep going around the government workplace to get a 1b Pahani record of our land field plot.

In this article, the whole details about checking and downloading ts land data are described step-by-step. After studying it completely, you will be able to get land records of your farm plot or any land 1b Pahani online very simply.

This info is very useful for all our Telangana residents. Therefore, learn this text carefully and punctiliously. In order that you don’t face any downside in downloading Telangana Land Data. So let’s begin.

Telangana and Data Online Overview

Visit  Official Web site

District Wise Telangana Land Records

Mee Bhoomi darani Telangana govt web site on which districts land report 1b pahani online is available right here is the complete list of it. Residents of all these districts will be able to get land data online.


Telangana Land Records New Website

For checking Telangana land data online, the government has also made obtainable a new web site known as Integrated Land Data Management System (ILRMS) the place according to the district, 

Next, you have been told to examine land records on this new web site. You will be able to see your land record very simply. So let’s tell you how to examine telangana land data online.

Telangana Land Records Online

The entire process of checking land records of your farm plot or any land is being told here. Learn all the steps rigorously. So that you can understand higher in which step what detail to select.

1. Open darani telangana gov in.

The first is to open the Telangana land records a new website. Use the link given here – to open the Integrated Land Records Management System (ILRMS) website.


2. Select the Land Status option.

As soon as the dharani web portal is opened, different options will appear on the display. Here you have to select the land status choice. As mentioned in the screenshot.


3. Select Land Details.

• After this you have to select your mandal,Village,district,division 

• Then select khata number or survey number choice. 

• After entering all the details, fill the verification code and select the Get Details choice.

4. Check Land Records.

Now the land record of the selected khata number or survey number will open on the screen. Click on View Icon to open it. 

After this, your land records will open on the display. All the main points could be checked right here.

5. Download TS Land Records.

You may download a copy of the land record very easily. For this, come again to the first page. Then choose the download icon in front of the land record type.

This is a very simple way to examine and download Telangana land data online. Equally, you can also check the online pahani 1b report while sitting at residence. 

Maa Bhoomi Telangana1B Pahani Details

Here is the whole process of how to examine pahani 1b record on the Maa Bhoomi website. Learn all the steps carefully and follow them. So that you will not have trouble extracting the land record.

1. Open maa bhoomi telangana official website.

To check Pahani 1b online, to begin with, open maa Bhoomi Telangana official web site. For this, use the hyperlink given right here –

2. Choose the Know Your Land Status option.

As soon as the maa Bhoomi Telangana official web site is open, in the left aspect you will see the choice of Know Your Land Status. Choose this option to examine pahani 1b record.

3. Select the Pahani & ROR-1B option.

In the next step, totally different options for checking land records will appear. To view pahani 1b report, select Pahani & ROR-1B option from it. As mentioned in the screenshot.


4. Select Pahani 1B Details.

Now select your district first. Then select division, Mandal, village. After this, select the khata number or survey quantity option and choose its number. Then choose the Get Details choice by filling in the captcha code.

5. Check & Download Pahani 1B.

As soon as the captcha is filled in and submitted, the 1B record will open on the display. You can examine the details given in it. After this, select the Print ROR-1B Details option to download it.

In this way, you can obtain or print online maa Bhoomi Telangana 1b pahani details very easily. Within the earlier article, we have given information about getting Bhu Naksha Telangana online. 

How to check Telangana Land Data Online?

The government has made an official web portal available for checking Telangana land data online. The place any person can take away the information on his plot of land. For this, a web portal named and is available.

Maa Bhonemi Telangana 1b Pahani Online How to check?

To check 1b pahani online from home, open After this, you can get 1b pahani details by your district, division, Mandal, village, khata, or survey number.

What is darani telangana gov in?

This is dharani Telangana pahani official web site. You can examine your land data online from residence. For this, dharani Telangana gov in the net portal has been made available.

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