2022 West Bengal Land Records – BanglarBhumi


Banglarbhumi West Bengal Land Records 2022 ( 2022 Land Records: Khaitan Plot Mouza Map) | Banglarbhumi Land Information West Bengal 2022 | Banglarbhumi 2022 Land Records Government of West Bengal Online.

BanglarBhumi is an online platform launched by the West Bengal government for citizens of the state to check their land records online. Land records refer to all data related to land or properties, from ownership and location to land value, registration, etc.

BanglarBhumi, Khatian and Know Your Property Online

With the initiative of the Digital India Scheme, all the states have started the digitization of land records. West Bengal is among the states that have already made their land information online.

The state’s Land and Land Reforms Department is handling its land records under the BanglarBhumi website, which allows individuals to access any land data within a few steps.

Services provided by Banglarbhumi

The main focus of BanglarBhumi is to keep monitor of the land records of West Bengal and make them easily accessible to all.

Khatian and Know Your Property Online
Khatian and Know Your Property Online
  •  Citizen centric providers
  •  Authority application record
  •  Plot map and related information
  •  Thika tenancy
  •  ISU Management
  •  Mutation application and related data
  •  Conversion application
  •  Land distribution
  •  India-Bangladesh border demarcation.

How to register or log in on Bengal land?

To offer Bengal land WB, all need to be logged into the website. If you are a new user you will need to register yourself. Registered users can log in directly.

For both registration and login, one has to visit the official website of BanglarBhumi. Once accessed on the official website, the stages of the latest users and registered users will differ from each other.

For new users to register on BanglarBhumi

The centrally managed system of portals has made registration an easy process for new users. Follow these steps and full registration immediately.

West Bengal Land Records - BanglarBhumi
New Users To Register On BanglarBhumi
  •  Tap the ‘UP SIGN UP’ choice on the high of the page.
  •  Once the above option is clicked, the Registration Public Registration Form will appear.
  •  Please enter the following details on the form.
  •  Name (first, middle and last)
  •  Guardian’s name
  •  Address (Municipality, PS, District, Pin)
  •  Email ID and OTP
  •  Mobile Number and OTP
  •  Password and confirmation
  •  Captcha code
  •  Click ‘Submit’ to complete the registration.

Steps for registered customers to log in to BanglarBhumi

  • Registered users can log into BanglarBhumi using their username and password in these steps.
  •  Choose one between ‘departmental users’ and ‘citizens’
  •  Enter the username and password.
  •  Enter captcha.
  •  Click ‘Login’ and you will be logged in.

How to apply for land records of rights through BanglarBhumi West Bengal Portal?

The rights file incorporates the details of the landlord, the details of the plot, the revenue charge, and so on. One can easily apply for land records of rights through BanglarBhumi. Go through the steps talked about to finish the application.

  •  Go to the official portal BanglarBhumi WB. By username and password login to the portal.
West Bengal Khatian and Know Your Property Online
  •  On the menu bar, click on ‘Civil Service’ and then on the ‘Service Delivery’ option.
  •  select requirements from the given options.
  •  After selecting the requirement, a new page appears.
  •  Now the new page is open enter the details which are required.
  •  Tap on ‘Calculate Fees’.
  •  Complete the payment process by the online payment gateway.

You can apply for the File of Rights through the e-District Portal of West Bengal:

West Bengal e-District Khatian and Know Your Property Online
  • Visit West Bengal e-District or
  •  In the case of new users, register by clicking ‘Citizen Registration’ on the lower proper corner.
  •  In the case of a registered user, log in using account credentials.
  •  Once logged in, update the required documents and tap ‘Submit.
  •  An acknowledgment receipt will be generated along with an application number.
  •  A file of rights will be launched after verification is completed.
  • All data related to land in West Bengal can be accessed through the official website One can view the details of Khatian or Plot on the website. This online portal is a hassle-free route for West Bengal land records.

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