Andhra Pradesh Land Records – Mee bhoomi Search ROR-IB, AP Land Records

Land records to the citizens of your state under the friends of Andhra Pradesh are provided to the friends of their state under the Friends of Andhra Pradesh Meembhoomi. It is necessary for all people. That the user is required to check their land records. It is necessary for all people. That they can provide Adangleu and 1-B. Chief Commissioner of Land Administration, Government of Andhra Pradesh has managed all the works related to land records

Four other departments of CCLA in its body are Madras Board of Revenue, Andhra Board of Revenue, Andhra Pradesh Board of Revenue, and Telangana Board of Revenue (Madras Board of All departments are able to avail the benefits of visiting citizens in official portals. If a person wants to get information about his property, land, plot. So they can use the official Andhra Pradesh Online Land Records Portal. The user is required to enter the application here. The department can provide them online service

All these details can be in the computerized form of citizens. So that every person of the state can apply here. Most users want online service. The applicant has to keep his land record here. They can run this service without any errors. If the user encounters some problem. If records are found by the user. So they have to print from the descriptions if they are correct. So most of the users want online service. They can save their time and provide results in less time.

It has many government websites. The Revenue Department works to preserve and maintain all records. The Madras Board of Revenue Control does all the work in Madras on the part of the administration. The department has a large portion of the “Revenue Board’s Office Manual”. Which made the Indian Constitution under the I 1803 Act of 1849. The revenue of the MBR Manual Board is responsible for all the auction procedures.

Online Procedure for Viewing Land Records in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh provides all types of land property details online to its citizens. The Chief Commissioner of Geo-Administration under the Andhra Pradesh state government has created a website of land ( ) of the land. 

Where anyone can get information on land records online as per their account holder, Khata Var and Katuni, depending on their plot. Before buying any property in the state of Andhra Pradesh, you need to get the village Sealback number for that particular village. 

Which always helps you keep all your records safe. You may have to pay the payment of Duty to process the boundaries of your land property and the boundaries of the area in your village. For the information about land records in Andhra Pradesh, follow these steps.

Bhulekh Research process in Andhra Pradesh

To see Bhulekh online in Andhra Pradesh, the user has to visit this official website of Meembhoomi (This Landmark Official Website CLICK HERE).

After clicking on this link, the home page of the Meembhoomi Government of Andhra Pradesh (Home Page of the Ministry of Andhra Pradesh) will open. On this page, you have to choose Adangal Options. As shown in the image below.

The following options will appear after clicking on Adangal to search for Bhulekh. Which are given below

  1. Apna Admal 
  2. Village Adangal
  3. Apna 1-B 
  4. Village 1- B 

 1. Apna Adam (Your Adamal) – To see the Bhulekh in Apna Admal in the state of Andhra Pradesh, users click on this CLICK HERE.

Then enter the following details.

  • Click on the survey number, account number, Aadhaar number, name holders. 
  • Select the district. 
  • Select the area. 
  • Village name. 
  • Enter the details here. 
  • Enter the given code here. 
  • Click on the button click. 
  • Shown in the image below.
  • Now see the details about Adangal here. 
  • You need to take a print out of the details here.

2. Village Adangal  – Users can click on this link to see the Bhulekh in Village Adangal. click here

Enter the following details here: –

  • Select the name of the district. 
  • Enter the name of the zone. 
  • Enter the name of the village. 
  • Enter the code given here. 
  • Then click on the click button. 
  • See this image below.

3. For information about your 1-B (Land Record), click on the link to see the user on Apna 1B.

Users enter their complete details here: –

  • Select survey number / account number / Aadhaar number / name holder district. 
  • Zone Name. 
  • Name of the village. 
  • Account Number. 
  • Enter the given code in place of the code. 
  • Now click on the click option below. 
  • Look at the image.

After entering the details here, users can provide 1-B details. The user has to take a print out of the details here.


4. Village 1- B – For information about land records in the village, users have to click on this link CLICK HERE.

The user needs to enter the following details below here.

  • Choose the name of the district. Enter the name of the zone. Enter the name of the village. Enter the given code here instead of the FA code. Now click on the click button. Look at the image below.
  • If the user wants to go to Village Map to do the Bhulekh check-in Andhra Pradesh state. Then click on this link.
  • Users enter all their information in the details asked here.
  • Select the name of the district. Enter the name of the zone. Enter the name of the village. Enter the given code here. Then click on the click button.
  • Users can now view the village map by entering this description. And can get information about Bhulekh.

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