Tamil Nadu Land Records – View Patta & FMB, ROR Reports, Plot Map Online


As most of the population of the state of Tamil Nadu is related to agricultural areas. Now the job has turn into easier for the farmers, if they wish to know about their land, then they can now know it easily from the online portal being launched by the government. The Government of Tamil Nadu is continuously working for the welfare of the people with this scheme which can make the life of the people of Tamil Nadu easier. Since services are arranged for people to enter them so that they’ll take advantage of them.

The land is a real estate and people who want to buy it should know the details correctly to ensure that it’s valid. This will assist simplify the process of land and sale so that peace of mind can be seen. The Tamil Nadu government has launched a web portal known as any time / Anywhere e-Services (Patta Chitta) for this objective which helps in evaluating disputes and different issues while buying land property. That is extremely helpful for getting consumers extra info quickly which may help in making better decisions.

What is Patta in Tamil Nadu Land Record?

A lease is a legal and essential document that serves as a revenue file for a specific piece of land. The lease is issued by the government in the identify of the owner of the piece of land. It is also known as the “Record of Rights” (ROR). A lease contains the following data:

  • Proprietor Name. 
  • Number of Pattas. 
  • Survey Number and Subdivision etc

What is Chitta in Tamil Nadu Land Record?

Chitta can be an official document issued by the government and is related to real estate. The file for the same is maintained by the concerned Village Administrative Officer (VAO) and the Taluka office. Chitta classifies land into two types.

Nanjai belongs to the land area, which has a lot of water and is mostly surrounded by water our bodies like rivers, canals, ponds etc.

Punjai is related to land through which the amount of water is small as a result of very few water bodies are offered near this type of land and the water is facilitated with borewells.

Both Patta and Chitta are issued by the Tamil Nadu authorities and in 2015, the government merged Patta and Chitta right into a single document with the mandatory info available on the lease.

How to check Tamil Nadu Land Document Online?

1. Initially you need to go to this https://eservices.tn.gov.in/eservicesnew/home.html You can too go direct by clicking here.


2. As quickly as you click on the link given above, a new page will open in entrance of you. As proven within the photo under. Then you have to click on view patta & FMB / chitta / tslr extract.

3. As soon as you click on view patta & FMB / Chitta / tslr extract, a new page will open in front of you. In that, you have to choose the district and space kind and click on the Submit button. You can see the photo below.


4. After this it’s important to fill all the data filled in the district, Taluk, Village, view patta / chitta utilizing patta quantity. After this, it’s important to enter the code and click on the submit button. If you would like, you may see the photo below.

5. As soon as you click on the submit button, the information of Tamil Nadu Bhulekh will begin appearing in front of you.

What are the benefits of the Tamil Nadu Land Record Portal?

The benefits that the Bhulekh portal offers are as follows. The profit list is described below.

1. On the portal the consumer is provided with choices to use them by coming into Khasra number or Jamabandi quantity or owner identify, which means you could search your land info by any method.

2. Under the portal of the Tamil Nadu land records scheme, you can get your land map.

With the introduction of the online portal, you may view info from your home.

3. This scheme has saved the time of the individuals, as they don’t have to go to Patakar workplace to get the small print of their land.

Services offered on the portal

1. See lease copy

2. View A-Register Extract

3. See lease and FMB, mind, TSLR extract

4. Verify the lease

5. Verify Porambok LAN

Is it necessary to have Patta?

Yes. A lease is a piece of proof that you have legal right to the said property. If there are any disputes regarding the title of the property, the lease will be issued as evidence.

Is a lease required for the apartment?

A lease is a legal document primarily related to land and buildings. That said, the lease might include information about the land on which the building stands; However, since the land is held by more than one owner in the form of undivided shares, a lease is not issued in this case.

How can I transfer the lease?

If the owner of the land dies without a will, the legal heirs are entitled to switch the lease of their name. If the deceased person leaves a will, the beneficiary can transfer the lease in his name with the consent of others, who are thought of as the immediate heirs of the deceased person. Also, in case of buy or sale of property, you may transfer the lease to the purchaser of the property.

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