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Goa Bhulekh, Jamabandi, Khata – Khatauni, check land copy online

If you are among those that live in Goa and are planning to purchase or sell any land or property in Goa or want to know anything about their land in Goa then there is something for you here You must watch as it can help you a lot in avoiding property fraud. You can buy a property from someone or a property agent, however earlier than buying, you should get full information about the land yourself, you may be questioning where you may get full information about the property. Today we are going to inform you how you can see any record of any land in Goa online, which will also save both your time and money.


Keeping this in mind, the Government of Goa has launched a website by the Revenue Department of Goa, under the Directorate of Settlement & Land Records Geography Map 7/12, the State Government of Goa is providing land records of the districts. Through which you can get a record of the land of rural and urban areas of Goa with ease. You will get the complete information in this article, it will take you only a few minutes to understand the process and after reading it you can teach anyone else how they can check the property details in Goa.

According to the Digital India Mission of the Authorities of India, the central and state governments are actually converting all types of land records into digital form and making their info available online.

Goa government aims to launch a website

The only objective of this official website started by the revenue department of Goa is that any person of the state can check their land data online without paying any kind of fee at e-Dhara or e-gram center. Under the Goa land record, you will get full details of land ownership, land space, type of land, and many others.

What is Bhulekh?

Bhulekh is made up of two words, first land and second article i.e. land + article land means land and article means writing/paper writing. Bhulekh is known by different names in each state. Equivalent to bhulekh, Records of Rights, Land Records, Jamabandi, Khata-Khatauni, Land-Records, Cadastral Records, Jamabandi Nakal, Khatian / Mauja, Land Details, Land Papers, Land Map, Farm Papers, Farm Map Account Khatoon patta, etc.

Where is the need for these paper documents?

If the details of your land are required to be registered in the land record, a Kisan Credit Card must be made on it, Income Certificate, Caste Certificate, at the time of partition of land, in land-related works, or otherwise. If you wish to take advantage of any government scheme, then these films are required. These are the documents of some land which not solely help you in getting benefits of many schemes, but are also proof of your ownership of your land, but people usually need to be very upset to get this settlement. But now we have got rid of all these things.

Government of Goa advantages of issuing egov.goa.nic.in portal by

• Following are some of the main benefits and features of egov.goa website:
• Companies under egov.goa provide citizens with public information about the details of land in the local language.
• Under this portal, you can see the record of your land sitting online at home.
• The bribery given to the patwaris and tehsildars shall be less and will also save time.
• By entering the information of land on this website, you can get all the details about your land simply.
• You will not have to eat patwar or go to the tehsil frequently.
• By this website, you will get information about land maps, etc. in Goa.

View Goa Bhulekh online

The Government of Goa gives all types of land property details online to its citizens. The Chief Commissioner of Land Administration under the Goa State Government has created a website of egov.goa. The place anyone can get the information of online land data as per their comfort, according to their Bhulekh, Account holder, Account Khatauni, Jamabandi, and Land Map.


• To see Bhulekh online in Goa, the user has to go to this official website of egov.goa.
• You can also go to the online portal by way of this link from right here
• After clicking this link, the house page of egov.goa Government of Goa will open. On this page, you need to select the option of Form I & XIV. Or go from here


• Then choose your taluk
• Then choose your village
• Then choose your survey number
• Then choose your Subdivision Number
• Now enter the 5 digit code
• Then you need to click on View Details
• On clicking, you will have all your information

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