Bihar Land Records – Bihar Bhumi Jankari, Bhulekh Naksha Online


Bihar Revenue and Land Reform Department has created a website. Through this website, you will get data associated to any type of land on-line right from your home. You could find Bhulekh Bihar, Jamabandi, Khasra-Khatauni, Bhulekh map, your account data on-line by visiting LRC Bihar Bhumi’s web site. And you can also print out all the documents on-line.

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Within the time before the Bihar Revenue and Land Reforms Department, if there was any information associated to the land. So the government office and Patwari had to go round. During which we had to face waste of time and lots of kinds of problems. However ever since LRC Bihar

Bhumi (Bihar Revenue and Land Reforms Department) has lunched the web site for Bhulekh Bihar. Since then people who want to get information related to land. It has become very easy for those people to get data related to any sort of land. In today’s time, you will get any data related to Land Record Bihar online in a couple of minutes from the website of LRC Bihar Bhumi. And you can verify the ground record.

If you purchase and sell land within the state of Bihar. So you should go to the website of LRC Bihar and get the complete details about that land. On the web site you will find out who is the real owner of the land.

In the state of Bihar, earlier there was disturbance and fraud in shopping for and selling land. She has now decreased considerably due to this initiative of Bihar Bihar Revenue and Land Reforms Department.

On this article today, get Land Record Bihar on-line from LRC Bihar Bhumi website. Its complete information is given to you by Step by Step in detail below.

Bihar land, Jamabandi, Bhulekh map, Khasra, Khatauni extract online

How to get Apna Khata Bihar Online?

Step 1 – Initially, you have to go to the official web site of Land Record Bihar

Step 2 – After clicking then the home page of that web site opens in entrance of you. You get to see the option of “Apna Khata” on that home page. When you click on “Your Account”. Then you get to see a new page.

Step 3 – On this new page, the names of all the districts are seen with the map of Bihar. If you select your district and click on it, you then get to see a new web page.

Step 4 – Now the names of all the blocks of your district appear on this new web page. You choose the name of your block and click on it.

Step 5 – The new page opens. On which some data is asked from you. Like, your district name, subdivision name and zone name need to be selected.

Step 6 – The information you have been asked for. When you select it, you then get a lot of choices to check your account. For example, in the first possibility, you can see all the accounts of the Mauja by name. In the third option you can see from the account number.

In the fourth option, you get the option to see by the number of Khesra. And with the fifth possibility, you can see the name of the account holder. You can get data by choosing an option according to you.

Step 7 – If you wish to see “all the accounts of the Mauja by name”. So you have to select your name. For this, the letter is shown in a box. Which of the letters is the first letter of the name of his caprice.

Select that. So all the names of Mauja are from that letter. You begin seeing From them, you choose your wards.  In this list, after clicking on the link “View” in the pen containing the “Rights Record”, all the main points of that record are revealed to you.

Bihar Bhulekh Nakal Khasra – See Khatouni Online.

Step 1 – If you want to see your on-line filing dismissed and Jamabandi. So first it’s a must to go to this web site

Step 2 – You open the web site. So that you get the option of “View Jamabandi Register” on the home-page itself. You click on on this link.

Step 3 – By clicking a new page will appear. On which the names of all of the districts of Bihar are seen. You select your district’s name and click on it. Then one other new web page opens.

Step 4 – The names of all the blocks of your district appear on this web page. You select the name of your block and click on on it. Another new page opens in entrance of you.

Step 5 – On this page you get a lot of choices to view Jamabandi registers. You can get the information by choosing the option in response to your comfort.

Step 6 – After this you can see Bihar Bhulekh Khasra – Khatauni copy by clicking on the option “View Account and Jamabandi Register” and Jamabandi Register Khesra smart particulars on the same button.

View Bihar geo-map on-line.

Step 1 – To view the geo map on-line, first it’s a must to go to this web site

Step 2 – You have to select your district, subdivision, circle, mauza, type, and so on.

Step 3 – On the map you have to click on the measles quantity. On clicking, you see the owner’s information. At the end of this information, Map Report and ROR Report are seen below.

Step 4 – Click on the link of the Map Report to open the map on-line. Will open in front of you. You can also download it in PDF format.

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